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How it works

Ostomy Bridge* can enable people to tuck their shirt into their pants and wear a belt without restricting the flow of the pouch. This unique product can comprise a stretchy, elastic belt that can be worn around the waist, underneath a person’s clothing. It can have a snap clip, similar to a lifejacket, that can be used to secure the belt around the waist. The belt can have a rectangular, white plastic frame that can be positioned below the stoma or ostomy outlet. A removable bridge—that is, a raised piece of plastic that can fit inside the frame—can be snapped into place and can act as a holder for the pouch. After applying the belt and placing their ostomy pouch in the bridge, people can get dressed as normal. The belt can be offered in different sizes to suit all users.




How the bridge snaps into the frame

Belt in use with an ostomy pouch in the bridge

*patent pending