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Ostomy Bridge*

We Solved The Problem

When wearing an ostomy pouch under regular clothing, the clothing can press the pouch up against the person’s body.  When this happens, the flow can be interrupted, rendering the pouch ineffective and dysfunctional.  To prevent the pouch from doing this, people have to pull their shirttails out of their pants. This can make the person appear sloppily dressed, especially if going to work or a nice function, and can potentially expose the pouch.  An effective solution to allow people to wear regular clothing with their ostomy pouch is necessary.  


Move your mouse over the picture to see a transparent view of a person wearing the Ostomy Bridge underneath their clothing.

If you or a loved one has had a Colostomy, we can help

Dress the way you want and look your best

No unsightly bages or bulges

The Ostomy Bridge* provides a small amount of space between the body and articles of clothing to allow people to wear a functioning ostomy pouch while fully dressed in pants, a shirt, a belt, and other articles of clothing. This innovative product can resemble a belt with a raised attachment piece that can hold a pouch close to the body, allowing the user to put clothes on over it. This product can be ideal for anyone who has ever worried about wearing their pouch while going to work, running errands, or going out other places.

No bulges, just a nice clean appearance.

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